The revolutionary effect social media has had on the global sharing of ideas is undeniable. Even the biggest global business leaders take note when a peer tweets, as the takeaway from such an insight can be extremely valuable.

In a time when even the President of the United States religiously pours his insight into a globally accessible social media vacuum, honing into the right list of leaders to follow is a tool that all within the corporate sphere should be utilising.


And while the business takeaway of following President Trump may be questionable, there are an astonishing number of iconic magnates sharing their thoughts on the finer points of staying innovative in 2019.

Arianna Huffington

Huffington’s second name is synonymous with the news voice of the Millennial generation. The Founder of Huffington Post is a vocal critic and shares her candid opinions via Twitter. As both the Founder of a multi-national news network and the CEO of Thrive, her cutting-edge commentary is often as insightful as it is timely.

Tim Cook

Steve Jobs’ death left a CEO-sized hole in Apple’s management. Despite having such gigantic shoes to fill, Cook has cultivated a professional reputation that has maintained Apple’s famously innovative leadership since he took the position in August of 2011. As the leader of one of the world’s most successful companies and a tireless technology fanatic, Cook has a massive amount of insight to offer his followers.

Mary Barra

Despite not being a household name like others on this list, CEO of General Motors Mary Barra is a poster woman for strong female leadership in a male dominated industry. Her 447,000 Twitter followers are witness daily to her considered and welly-communicated thoughts and insights.

Reed Hastings

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is revered for managing to direct the once-physical film rental company into the digital age, becoming one of the most valuable assets in the media sector. Hastings, who also serves on the Board of Facebook, is an undisputed tactical visionary, and a highly valuable insight for those looking to recreate his success in their own industries.

Daniel Ek

With over 207million active monthly users, 96million subscribers and 15billion hours of listened content, Spotify is one of the few companies with a sector-cornering digital enterprise innovative enough to rival the innovation of Netflix. The brand’s Founder is a prolific trendsetter, and his influence is duly noted by his 120,000 Twitter followers.

Brian Chesky

At the age of just 27, Chesky founded the highly influential travel brand Airbnb, a company with a current valuation of £23million ($31billion). As a strong believer in the revolutionary power of technology, Chesky is an avid user of Twitter and ensures that his considered tweets are insightful for his nearly three-hundred-thousand-strong audience.

Jack Dorsey

It would be hard to discuss the power of social media without citing one of its founding fathers. Jack Dorsey is the key visionary behind the Twitter platform, which currently boasts 326million monthly users. Dorsey was the first business magnate to embrace the sight and set the path for thousands. Adopting the simple username @jack, Dorsey currently tweets to an audience of 4.14million followers.