Our approach

Executive search

Our approach, which is based on absolute confidentiality, consists of several steps that are crucial to the success of any assignment.

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An in-depth discussion with client allows us to get to know the organization, its history, its culture, its working environment, its values, its human resources, its products and/or services.


The information gathered during this discussion is used to draw up a list of requirements, including a description of the position to be filled and the profile sought.


Using a list of target organizations compiled with the client, LEPAGE International identifies, approaches, interviews, assesses and selects the best talents suited the position. This process is generally carried out by a team made up of a consultant and a researcher.


For each candidate proposed, LEPAGE International provides the client with a complete file presenting the candidate’s career path, interests and assets as regards the position.


LEPAGE International assists the client in the final choice and validates with his partners and if required, the psychometric tests, the background checks, the health checkup, and the help with the relocation.


LEPAGE International works closely with the client and the successful candidate during their integration into the new work environment.


high-premium services

To provide its clients with high-premium services, LEPAGE International makes a firm commitment in terms of timeframes, quality, confidentiality and transparency. Our professionalism is grounded in these commitments and it guarantees a lasting and trusting relationship with our clients.

Our conditions for involvement are clearly laid out in a contract binding the firm and the client.

LEPAGE International undertakes to observe the strictest confidentiality throughout its executive search processes.

LEPAGE International undertakes to submit the results of its search and the short list of candidates within a very reasonable time after the service agreement have been signed.

At any time, LEPAGE International is always in a position to keep the client informed about the progress of its assignment in real time on the client’s web platform, an exclusivity in search process.

LEPAGE International will resume the search at no extra charge if the selected candidate does not take on his new position, if he is dismissed, or if he quits during the first twelve (12) months of employment.

LEPAGE International endorse and adhere to the rigourous standards of the profession in accordance with the professionnal code of ethics of the AESC, CPHR and ECSSA.